Our Pre-Built Cabinets


An Affordable Alternative to Custom

In order to satisfy every budget, we also offer a line of pre-built cabinetry. After careful testing and consideration, we are proud to partner with Nations Cabinetry as an affordable alternative to custom cabinetry.. With many paint color and wood finishes to choose from, we are confident you will be pleased with their level of quality and options available for the price. Learn More >

Classic Gray on White

A classic shaker and craftsman style

Stylish Mocha Sand

Simplistic style that stands the test of time

Two Toned Options

Mocha cabinets and black island an elegant choice

Detailed and Elegant

WE can also add the details to finish up the look

Relaxed Colored Comfort

A splash of color can add relaxation and comfort to the room

Mix and Match

Our pre-built cabinets are not only for kitchens.

Rivermill Cabinetry
& Woodworks

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Hyde Park, UT 84318-4082
Phone: 435 - 563 - 2673
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